The early days with a newborn can be a massive adjustment. You may be suffering sleep deprivation, your body is adjusting, you may be struggling with establishing a routine…all whilst trying to maintain being the human being you were pre-birth.

Tiny Tots offers you the opportunity to get out of the house, meet other parents with babies the same age and spend some quality time with your tiny person. With a focus on singing and sensory play, you are offered a separate area from the older Tots, in which you can build friendships with people paddling the same canoe as you!

With a weekly rotation of songs and activities, you will learn words and actions to some familiar (and some unfamiliar that will get stuck in your head) songs that will encourage your bonding and interaction with your baby. Tiny Tots also offers a gentle introduction to some Makaton signing and the opportunity to create a little craft to take home.

A common question about Tiny Tots is ‘is it too early for us to come?’ I don’t think it is ever too early to venture to a baby group! My early experiences of baby groups with Charlotte were her sleeping through her first session, feeding throughout her second and looking at me like I was crazy through our third. However, I had left the house. I had got dressed, put make-up on and had a conversation with someone other than my baby (or dog.)

The friendships built at baby groups become your support networks, and I for one cannot vouch highly enough for having a network of like-minded people, plodding through the same daily life as you!

Come along and give it a try!